Bathroom and Kitchen PODs keep getting popular by the day

  • Pods have the potential to reduce the waste generated on site by as much as 50% compared to traditional construction
  • They are most effective where repetitive design of bathrooms or kitchens
  • Justifies a mass production approach to this offsite construction method

The convenience of constructing PODs

  • Kitchen and bathroom PODs are largely used in hotels, student accommodation and offices where the design is repetitive.
  • Amongst other advantages, POD construction reduces the number of critical activities and trade visits to site compared to conventional construction approaches
  • As compared to traditional construction moving a number of trades, which usually generate large amounts of waste, from the construction site to a controlled factory environment.

The advantages of a POD concept

  • POD manufacturing is based on a lean design and procurement process that optimizes the use of materials and ensures better management of resources
  • Moreover, POD manufacturing also benefits from a continuous flow through a production chain that allows for better quality control, more efficient use of the trades and improved overall productivity
  • Careful design, reuse of materials and good waste management practices help keep waste levels near or below 1% of the materials processed through the factory.

Transportation friendly

  • PODs are protected by reusable plastic sheets that are brought back to the factory after installation
  • Else the installation on site is limited to fixing the PODs to anchors already in place and to make connections to services
  • These activities do not generate waste