Light gauge steel sections (also known as cold-formed steel sections)

  • Formed by cold rolling steel sheet into shape
  • Steel sheet is typically 0.55 to 3.0 mm thick
  • Pre-galvanized, such as with a zinc coating, to prevent corrosion

Light gauge steel sections can be produced in large variety of sections such as

  • In building construction, traditionally, the commonly used sections
  • Used as roof purlins and side rails to support the cladding in industrial buildings
  • Nowadays, light gauge sections have been widely used as steel frames, trusses, wall partitions, lintels, floor joists and storage racking etc.

In general, light gauge sections have the advantages of

  • Lightness and high strength-to-weight ratio at ambient temperature
  • The strain-hardening caused by the cold-working process increases the yield strength and ultimate strength of the materials